A hybrid, between a painting and a sculpture, a chaotic yet well-thought and meticulously organized ensemble of various types of screws, roughness that creates smoothness. This is aartist Bruce Mackley’s incredible mosaic the Descent, “painted” with over 20,000 screws set at different height into a pine board.

Quoting Mackley “This medium can be tedious and challenging but it offers a fantastic level of undoing and redoing”. Hundreds of hours he spent painstakingly working on this piece, setting each screw’s depth, adjusting and readjusting it to achieve this spectacular effect.


An artwork of this kind considering its medium, metal, can easily weight over 350lb and stand seven feet tall, making it a challenge itself to move from exhibition to exhibition, because of its massiveness Mackley had to build a special trolley just to move it.

More about the Artist: Bruce Mackley