This set of frikkin awesome photographs – titled Water Wigs – was captured by the LA-based photographer Tim Tadder. Him and his team threw water balloons at the subjects’ bald heads and with the help of high speed photography he was able to captured the moment of impact.

With such vibrant colors and the high dinamic water forms, the guys’ expressions definitely added that tone of hilarity to complement these amazing shots.

Tadder says, “We used a combination of laser and sound trigger to capture the right moments for each subject to create just the water wig that fit best with the subject’s face.”

TimTadder - Water wigs 1TimTadder - Water wigs 2TimTadder - Water wigs 3TimTadder - Water wigs 4TimTadder - Water wigs 5TimTadder - Water wigs 6TimTadder - Water wigs 7TimTadder - Water wigs 8TimTadder - Water wigs 9TimTadder - Water wigs 10TimTadder - Water wigs 11TimTadder - Water wigs 12TimTadder - Water wigs 13TimTadder - Water wigs 14TimTadder - Water wigs 15TimTadder - Water wigs 16