In our day and age of digital photography there is a big myth that all it takes is expensive gear and anyone can take a great shot. But that is not true. We see so many funny pictures spreading around Internet where some try to mimic good photos found on Internet… We’ve all seen those and most are hilarious!

Below are some examples why you would need to hire a professional photographer to take photos for you instead of surfing the Internet for pics of professional photographers and trying to do it yourself. Buying expensive equipment doesn’t make you a good photographer, because it’s not what makes a good shot – it takes skill.

It’s the same as if you go to an expensive restaurant, order Lemon duck and then say something like – hmm, this duck is great, probably this place has a good stove!

1. It takes skill to take a good photo of a baby, because babies don’t pose.

Ever. And they don’t like posing. 99% of them. And they cry a lot. And it takes skill to know how to take the best shot to serve you as a memory for a lifetime.

baby photo in pumpkinbaby posing in pumpkinbaby in stockingbaby on bed christmas lights background

2. A professional knows how to pose siblings.

And how to take good photos of them before they kill each other or lose interest.

siblings shoot three children on bedsiblings on bed writing on feet

3. It’s not a matter of just point and shoot.

A professional knows how to pose and what light is good for a photo. You don’t. And don’t blame it on the camera.

photo in photo shothair water dip shotChristmas lights hugchild spinning shotsunset pose

4. You can’t fake a candid. Never.

candid shot boyscandid shot girls

5. Dogs won’t sit still for hours while you try to take the shot.

dogs don't pose

6. Just putting sprinkles on your lips doesn’t make you look sexy.

Takes knowledge to place those sprinkles on the lips and make them stay there and skill to make it look sexy on the photo. You don’t believe me? Try it. I dare you.

sprinkles on lips shot

7. You don’t just climb on the ladder hoping for a good shot.

It takes skill and knowledge and experience to pose and light the shot and pick the right moment. And a number of other things only a skilled photographer will know.

family on bed photo from ladder shot