little boy in an acorn

American photographer Zev from Natick, Massachusets, better known by his nickname of fiddle oak, is only 14, but he already demonstrates skills of photography and photo manipulation of a seasoned photographer. Despite his young age, Zev, together with his sister Aliza (Nellie), has created an amazing series of self-portraits called “Little Folk”, showing the world around us from a completely different perspective, where a little branch looks like a big tree and a paper plane – fun means of transport for the tiny boy on his adventures.

Feel free to check out his blog and flickr page to see more of his incredible work.

little boy paper plane crashlittle boy building card houselittle boy under magnifying glasslittle boy flying on leaflittle boy looking at firelittle boy on leaflittle girl wonderslittle boy under green treelittle boy walking on piano keyslittle boy in a field