1. Atop the Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, in May of 2012. Garrett: “I had gone to a job interview at the University of Edinburgh (which I didn’t get) and after the interview I stuffed my suit in my backpack and climbed the bridge to take this shot”.
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  3. The Boneyard, Victorville, California. “The Boneyard is an airplane graveyard connected to George Air Force Base. To get in, we had to hop a barbed wire fence and avoid security patrols. But the payoff, being able to pretend to drive a British Airways 747, was well worth it!”
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  5. Battersea Power Station, South London, UK. “We’ve basically treated Battersea Power Station as our nocturnal playground for five years. It’s the largest brick building in Europe and contains derelict control rooms where power for the city was once regulated. Being inside there alone is an incredible feeling.”
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  7. Inside the Farwell Building in Detroit, Michigan.
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  9. Empty cars inside the Aldwych disused Tube Station, Piccadilly Line, London, UK.
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  11. Embankment Pipe Subways, London, UK.
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  13. The Shard, South London, UK.
  14. 7
  15. Woodward Avenue Church, Detroit, Michigan
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  17. West Park Asylum, Epsom, Surrey, UK
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  19. Invalides Ghost Metro Station, Paris, France. “Invalides is a disused platform of line 8 of the Paris Metro in the 7th arrondissement. You have to wiggle under a closed gate to get to this permanently stabled old rolling stock. While we were in there, a worker came through and we had to hide under the train until he left.”
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  21. Zeche Hugo, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Zeche Hugo was a coal mining operation that shut down in 1997. The cages here were for miners to store their clean clothes and valuables while they were at work.
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  23. River Tyburn, City of London
  24. 12
  25. Hydro Arena, Glasgow, Scotland
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  27. Atop the Tour Horizons, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
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  29. Michigan Theatre, Detroit, Michigan
  30. 15
  31. Legacy Tower, Chicago, Illinois. “We infiltrated Legacy Tower on a whim, just walked on a sunny summer day and took the lift right the the top. We stayed for sunset and it was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.”
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  33. Durham Baths, Durham, England
  34. 17
  35. Lightning strikes Lake Michigan in the background, seen from atop the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Chicago, Illinois.
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Images by Bradley Garrett