Some people are good cooks by nature. You give them random ingredients and they manage to make something absolutely delicous out of it. And some people can’t even boil an egg. But lets face it, anyone can screw up in the kitchen for so many reasons, usually at the worst time possible. And then the cleaning begins…

Mistakes happen in the kitchen, but usually not so bad to end up on the internet and if they do end up on the internet, they’re probably really bad. We picked 17 kitchen disasters that were so catastrophic in the culinary world that they had no choice but to end up for all to see.

So next time you mess up those mashed potatoes and call it a disaster, you might want to rethink it because some people done worse things.

pizza melted fell through onto bottom of oven pasta spaghetti stuck to pot upside downmuffins disastereggs exploded in microwavemason jar rainbow cake overflown on traywhite plastic board melted on electric stove sorry honey messagespaghetti squash exploded in microwavemelted microwave ceiling nutellamelted chocolate muffins on trayburned black bundt cakespaghetti boiled in coffee makerburned wafflesspaghetti on firesmores in oven gone bad experimentwhite plastic kettle burned melted on stoveblue plastic bowl melted on electric stovepizza fallen out of oven melted on door