The Breakfast Clubbing - Clubbing so late that you're actually clubbing really early.Schindelr's Listing - He sells the factory.Space Jamming - The preservation and jarring of fruits on the ISSSawing - Woodwork, lots of woodwork.Dude, Where's My Caring - A man wakes up to find he couldn't give a shit.Pacific RimmingDas Booting - A German man starting up his computerWorld War Zing - Epic batlle of spices and condiments.Ironing Man - The stay at home dadJames Bonding - This time it's personalJurassic Parking - Teaching Dinosaurs how to drive.The Dark Knighting - The queen trying to knight people in the darkLord of the Ringing - The master of prank phone callsStaring Wars - Don't. Ever. Blink.Thoring - Thuper hero who thors throught the thkyFasting and Furious - The angry, hungry, and religious folk.The Greying - Liam Neeson stops coloring his hair and accepts his gradual aging