Léo Caillard is the French artist that took of photos classical Greek statues and turned them into iconic fashion models by addition modern clothing. The final result is a series statues dressed up like hipsters.


Caillard took this series of photos of the sculptures found in the Louvre and then with the power of photoshop he added clothes on each statue. Perhaps this was his attempt to validated Shakespeare’s line “Clothes maketh the man.”

dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-cP3Q3eV01dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-HpgzAs602dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-lJ8GISh03dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-NOn7Jhn04dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-udjV0dY05dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-Xa23ZyF06dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-09dressed-sculptures-hipster-statues-08Check out Léo Caillard’s page to see more pictures of statues dressed up like hipsters.