The Mona Lisa is recognized as the most famous painting in the history of art. The painting has achieved celebrity status and continues to inspire reproduction, parody, scientific theory, and more that can be found on very many sites dedicated to Mona Lisa. It’s very interesting to see creations of different people depicting Mona Lisa in so many different ways, ranging from different clothes and hair styles while keeping the overall style of the original to going totally modern or plain crazy.

Accidental Mona by Flor
Beauty only paper deep by Philoso4King
Casual Mona Look by filoxera
Cleo Mona by Fabiouchka
Flatulent Leonardo by Bob Enzyte
Lisa in white Gala dress
Modern Hairstyle Mona by New Artist
Mona & Teddy by FLor
Mona Biker by Teddy Royannez
Mona Bzzz by Flor
Mona Chameleon by Twin
Mona con Sombrero by Luis Antonio
Mona goes to Hollywood by Rene Design
Mona in Traditional Dress
Mona is not impressed by Ren
Mona Lisa De Luxe by Ursito
Mona Lisa Studying by DigArt Creation
Mona Lisette by filou_ml
Mona Renaissance by Flor
Mona Robot by Teddy Royannez
New Look Mona by fifi
No name by unknown artist
No name
Pale Mona by floko deNeuve
Pious Lisa by Paulito
Punky Goth Mona by Fabiouchka
Sunset Mona by filoxera
Three roses by Rudolfs Kristapsons
White Haired Lisa by New Artist
New Style Portrait by Patrizia
Portrait for Magazine by Jennifer

These last two are probably my most favorite out of the ones I’ve seen so far.