Keng Lye is a Singaporean artist that paints hyper-realistic 3D animals between layers of epoxy resin poured in bowls, buckets, and boxes.
As each layer of resin is painted with acrylic paint a new layer is added, the effect creates depth giving the illusion of a three dimensional living critter residing inside the container.

“The diameter of the work is about 150mm (15cm) and maybe about 2cm in depth. I found that the most challenging thing, so far, is creating depth, seeing as the container is fairly shallow, in order to achieve realism in the work.”
keng-lye-1Lionhead Goldfish


This series is titled Alive Without Breath.

Goldfish in a bowlkeng-lye-4Colorful Guppies in a bucketkeng-lye-5Turtle in a bowlkeng-lye-6Blue Betta fishkeng-lye-7Goldfish in bucketkeng-lye-8keng-lye-9keng-lye-10keng-lye-11keng-lye-12keng-lye-13Glass Shrimpskeng-lye-14keng-lye-15keng-lye-16keng-lye-17keng-lye-18In this video the artist Riusuke Fukahori is showing the technique used for his “Goldfish Salvation”.
Via: Keng Lye on Deviantart