snowman headstand in boots orange pompons and bow tie

Do you have snow where you live? I mean now? It was snowing today here and it hasn’t melted away. So I guess winter is finally making it’t move on autumn! Yay! I love winter season, the snow, the white and chilly and all the fun associated with the season.

It’s been a while since I’ve built a snowman. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time that happened. So if I actually do it this year, I think I want it to be really funny like one of those below!

snowman with logs for arms working out snowmansnowman climbing treecat snuggling up to snowmansnowman in phone booth making callsquirrel on table checking out little snomansnowman built around mailboxjabba snowmansnowman doing a head stand in little bootsscary snowman with head in handscute happy snowman smilingGulliver snowman tied down by tiny snowmenbig fat tall snowman and little girlevil snowman armedcrazy rabbit snowmansnowman in sunglasses cap and red scarfsnowman doing cartwheel in red glovesbody builder snowmanlazy santa snowman sunbathingzombie cat snowman creepy kittenstar wars snowman tauntaunsnoopy snowpy snowman lying on snowsnowman daddy with snowman son on shoulders happysnowman bathtub taking bath christmassnowman chilling out sunbathing cocktail sunglassessnowman killed with shovel cut head off bloodbucket head stand snowman