Halloween is a great time to get creative with food and let your imagination loose! To help you get started, here are some frikkin awesome ideas!

Halloween Treats
    Starting from top left:
  1. spaghetti stuffed pepper heads,
  2. eyeball deviled avocado eggs,
  3. pretzel sticks spider webs,
  4. puff pastry intestines pie,
  5. guacamole graveyard chip dip,
  6. chicken lady fingers,
  7. monster cupcakes,
  8. pretzel broomsticks,
  9. glazed doughnut eyeballs,
  10. apple marshmallow smiles,
  11. mashed boo-tatoes,
  12. chicken black bat wings,
  13. marshmallow bones,
  14. mummy dogs,
  15. glazed strawberry ghosts,
  16. shrunken apple heads.