1. Cuddling Mattress

No more numb arms, no more sacrifice of comfort, the perfect mattress for couples to snuggle and cuddle all night long. Source

1 cuddling mattress

2. Silent Alarm Clock for Two

No more waking up to your partner’s alarm clock! How awesome is that?! Source

2 dual alarm clock

3. Rocking Chair For Two

Unfortunately it doesn’t exist yet, but the idea is great. Source

3 rocking chair

4. Slanket Siamese

Perfect for cuddling with your other half on the couch. Source

4 siamese_slankets-for-couples

5. Shower For Two

A uniquely luxurious way to shower together! Source

5 Shower-Head-for-Two

6. Lazy device for Him

This device will bring an end to the who-left-the-seat-up fights! Source

7 seat up

7. Tiebreakers

Admitting you’re wrong just got a little bit easier. And a little more fun. Source

8 tiebreakers

8. Toast Messages On Your Morning Toast

Love notes or reminders (like, “for the love of me please take that trash out”), this amazing invention just made mornings little more fun. Source

9 toaster

9. Tandem umbrella

The image says it all. Source

10 tundem umbrella

10. Smittens

Grab her/his hand and take a walk with these cozy mittens made for two. Source

11 mittens

11. Heart Beat Pillows

When your partner is away these heart pillows will make the wait a little easier. Each person wears a ring sensor and the pillow will glow softly when your lover goes to bed. When you lay your head on it you can hear his or her heartbeat in real time. Source

12 Heart-Beat-Pillow

12. Sleeping bag for two!

Share a sleeping bag during a romantic weekend camping trip with enough room for both! Source

13 Sexy-Hotness-Sleeping-Bag