Long forgotten, these jobs represented a very important role of our past, advancement in technology made them obsolete.

1. Bowling alley pinsetter

Jobs that today no longer exist bowling-alley-pinsetter

Young boys were employed at bowling alleys to set up the pins after they got hit by players.

2. Switchboard operator

Jobs that today no longer exist switchboard-operator

Before modern technology made telephone connection automated, switchboard operators were a necessity inside telephone networks, they would connect long-distance calls between users by plugging and unplugging cables from a switch board. Today this operation has become digital and no longer require the presence of a person to do this task.

3. Resurrectionist

Jobs that today no longer exist resurrectionist

Probably not what you expect from the name, resurrectionist, , also called “body snatchers”, were hired by universities in the 19th century to take corpses from graves to be used as study and research subjects. The legal nature of that time to provide cadavers for their students was a difficult mean.

4. Rat catcher

Jobs that today no longer exist rat-catchers-2Jobs that today no longer exist rat-catchers-1

Considered a very important public service, a rat catcher/hunter’s job was to eliminate as many vermin as possible, vermin such as rats and mice infested city streets spreading diseases. It was mostly a night time job.

5. Pre-radar human listener

Jobs that today no longer exist pre-radar-human-listener

Before object-detection by Radar systems, acoustic mirrors and listening apparatuses depicted in these photographs were used by troops to detect the sound of aircraft’s engines approaching.

6. Milkman

Jobs that today no longer exist milkmanJobs that today no longer exist milkman-2

Times before home refrigerators were common and/or affordable, households would rely on the daily delivery of milk, right at their doorsteps by the milkman.

7. Log driver

Jobs that today no longer exist log-driver

It was to the job of log drives to move lamber from the logging site to the processing mill, using the natural path created by rivers, log drivers guided the floating sawn tree trunks downstream. It was the main transportation method of the early logging industry.

8. Lamp lighter

Jobs that today no longer exist lamp-lighter-3Jobs that today no longer exist lamp-lighter-2Jobs that today no longer exist lamp-lighter-1

Lamplighters used long poles light,extinguish and refuel street lamps, this was done before electric lamps replaced the old oil-base street illumination.

9. Iceman

Jobs that today no longer exist ice-cutter

During winter the work of cutting and collecting ice block from lakes and rivers was done by icemen or ice-cutters, a common winter occupation of that era, before mechanical refrigeration and air condition technology became widespread.

10. Human alarm clock

Jobs that today no longer exist human-alarm-clock-3Jobs that today no longer exist human-alarm-clock-2Jobs that today no longer exist human-alarm-clock-1

As simple as a knock on the door or a pebbles thrown at your window, someone was hired to make sure you would wake up on time to go to work.

11. Factory workers lector

To alleviate the repetitive work inside factories often lecturer were hired, full room of manual laborers listened to the lector as they worked.

Jobs that today no longer exist factory-workers-lector