custom watermelon bike helmet

An advertising agency from Kazakhstan has employees with sense of humor who like to have a little fun. They created a series of cool motorcycle helmets painting them with different themed drawing like a watermelon, golf ball, Swarowsky crystals and more. Unfortunately they don’t exist, the helmets that is, which is a shame.

short hair custom bike helmetbilliard custom bike helmetnut custom bike helmetgolf ball custom bike helmetmotorcycle helmet tennis ballsparkle custom bike helmetginger head custom bike helmetbrain custom bike helmetbald head custom bike helmetworld map custom bike helmet

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The helmets above are pretty cool, right? But would you really want to wear one? Dunno. I might have some fun with the girly short hair one. Maybe. But this next helmet is a different story.

batmat bike helmet

Batman bike helmet! It’s something you’d definitely want to show off! Can you imagine what fun it’ll be to watch people’s reactions when you zoom passed them on the streets? It will be a head turner, that’s for sure.

custom batman bike helmetblack batman bike helmet

I guess there’s basically no limit to what can be put on those, right? Oh yeah!! It’s all up to your imagination. Here are a few more to get your artsy side working! Which one is your favorite?

predator custom scary helmetsscary smiley face custom helmetSpider man red custom bike helmetblue jeans bike custom helmetCustom predator bike helmet blackCustom bike helmet with wingsdisco ball custom bike helmetScreaming guy bike helmetBlue monster bike helmetBlack spider man bike custom helmetevil clown bike helmet teethBlue spider man bike helmetcustom bike helmet animaliron man motorcycle helmet