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7 absurd items you can buy on Aliexpress for dirty cheap.

7 absurd items you can buy on Aliexpress for dirty cheap.

First of, if you’re not familiar with it, you might ask what’s Aliexpress, by keeping it simple the answer is that it’s a huge online retailer owned by The Alibaba Group.

Its vast inventory gives you an infinite amount of items to chose from and among those items, such as clothing, phone accessories, small electronics and so on, you stumble on odd products like the ones I found and listed here.

If you know of any more products you can buy on Aliexpress that are odd, weird, plain strange and/or worth mentioning you’re welcome to say so in the comments.

Have fun, always.


1 - LED Eyelashes Makeup!

2 - Smart Nail Manicure

Forget Apple Pay or other wireless payments form, this is technology enthusiasts and credit card users’ alternative at your fingertip, literally.

Next time you buy that big 4K Ultra HDTV super good ‘ol LED after seeling your second child the the black market, or when you buy a pack of smokes at your near 7-Eleven, with this cool NFC nail you can do it with a flip of a finger, right in their faces. This is priceless, no wait, it’s just less than five dollars at

3 - Medieval torture device or ingrown nail corrector?

You decide, to me would be the former. Anyhow, putting aside the frightening look I guess this device does work for the unfortunate souls that suffer from ingrown toe nails.

I would probably get this ingrown nail corrector just for the sake of it, I might find an alternate use for it, who know?!

4 - Fish Slippers, another weird thing you can buy on Aliexpress.

Any fishing enthusiasts out there? You know someone that loves fishing? Perhaps your husband can’t wait for the weekend to arrive and enjoy some outdoors with a fishing line in his hands?

Stop right here, THIS IS the perfect gift, a nice fish-shaped pair of slippers, hopefully not too slippery.

5 - Road Kill phone case... I mean, Soft Warm Rabbit Furry phone case.

Who doesn’t want a dead rat as cover on their smartphone? Apparently some people do, I won’t judge, but I gotta say this is a bizarre iPhone cover.

It might well protect your phone from accidental drops unless, your first reaction when you take it out of your purse is to freakout and throw it on the ground in disgust.

6 - Have a Christmas in your bowl.

This LED lamp is the solution you didn’t know existed to ease up your night journey to the throne, I also bet your wife/girlfriend is gonna be so much happier now that your aim has increased 200%, now you just need to put that seat down.

Motion-Sensor-Toilet-Light-Sensor-Toilet-Seat buy on aliexpress

7 - Anatomical Ribcage Pendant.

And last but not least… Actually this is pretty neat, perfect for the goth that’s inside you now that you’re 30 years old, despite what everybody told you back then, it was actually just a phase. Also perfect if  you are in medical school and you want to show off something cool beside that stethoscope that you keep wearing outside the faculty.


Ribs-Anatomy-Anatomical-Pendant-Charm-Collier buy on aliexpress

Here we are, 7 absurd items you can buy on Aliexpress for dirty cheap.

I hope you liked them as much as I did finding them, more to come, as a closure to this post I’d welcome you to share it, have a nice one.

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