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The Simpsons family

The Simpsons Moved To Orlando!

The world’s most famous and loved animated family comes to life at Universal Studios Florida! “The Simpsons” all-new themedarea allows guests to enter the world of The Simpsons like never before.

For the first time ever, guests


Ballpoint Pen Art

Portugal artist Samuel Silva creates these stunning pictures not with a camera, because these are not photographs. He uses ballpoint pens! He’s self-taught artist who draws for a hobby, being a lawyer for a living. Enjoy!

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Matt Buckley clay dragon

Clay Sculpture Artworks by Matt Buckley

Matt Buckley of Robert Harrop Designs has created an impressive collection of resin figurines of animals and mythical creatures you can see below. The artist has given a unique feel to each sculpture with dramatic mix of texture, form and light, influenced by style rather than subject. The

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2013/2014 Winter Bucket List

Congratulations with first day of winter! I hope the weather in your part of the world is treating you well!

Winter is a fun season. There are so many things we look forward to all year until the nature puts on the white dress and there’s that winter feeling in the

Cartoon based on Bill Watterson's quote on what's important in life

Bill Watterson: A cartoonist’s advice

We’ve already shown one of the incredible cartoons created by freelance cartoonist Gavin Aung Than from Australia on Charles Bukowski’s quote.

Here’s another cartoon created by Gavin based on a quote from Bill Watterson, artist and creator of comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, taken from a graduation speech Watterson gave at his alma mater, Kenyon College, in 1990. By Gavin’s own admission, Bill Watterson is his biggest creative influence and someone he greatly admires as an artist. You can read more about it on Gavin’s site

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