English artist Luke Jerram has discovered he has dichromatic colorblindness. But instead of dramatizing and considering it a disability, he took it as a gift and became obsessed with the mysteries of human perception.

His work is inspired by such dissimilar areas of research as biology, ecology, acoustic science, neural pathways and sleep research.

Working with scientists from the University of Bristol and taking inspiration from high-resolution electron microscopic images of the planet’s most notorious microbes, Jerram created large, meticulously accurate glass sculptures of HIV, E. coli, SARS, and recently, H1N1.

Jerram Microscopic organisms rendered in glassJerram glass virusesJerram glass viruses 2Jerram E.Coli glass

Mika Aoki, an artist from Japan, explores the concepts of life and death through the lens of the lab and draws inspiration from mold, spores, fungi, viruses. Her “singing glass” sculptures are a reminder that we share the planet with invisible and remarkable forms.