Matt Buckley of Robert Harrop Designs has created an impressive collection of resin figurines of animals and mythical creatures you can see below. The artist has given a unique feel to each sculpture with dramatic mix of texture, form and light, influenced by style rather than subject. The collection has a diverse range of themes but has a common look and style.

Matt Buckley clay elephant

Each piece was originally sculptured in clay to allow Matt greater freedom to create the dynamic and organic feeling of each item. Each piece was then carefully hand cast using ceramic polystone with a finish touch of the skillful application of hand finishing and painting to bring each figurine to life.

Matt Buckley clay owlMatt Buckley clay penfuinMatt Buckley clay rabbitMatt Buckley clay tigerMatt Buckley clay unicornMatt Buckley clay warriorMatt Buckley clay wolfMatt Buckley clay cobraMatt Buckley clay dragonMatt Buckley clay eagleMatt Buckley clay gorillaMatt Buckley clay head