Paperboyo, real name Rich McCor, is the British artists that manipulates his surrounding with paper cutouts, silhouettes that add details, often in a humorous way, to the landscapes Rich McCor is visiting.

Albert Einstein eating ice-cream by rich mccor 01

Albert Einstein eating an ice-cream on board of the Royal Princess while on his way to Toulon in the south of France.

ballerina flowers by rich mccor 04Marilyn Monroe skirt by rich mccor 10

Ohh Marilyn.

mona lisa by rich mccor 06

The Mona Lisa.

spider web by rich mccor 15king kong by rich mccor 07

The King of Kong.

big ben tower clock London watch. Paper by Rick McCor

The Big Ben.

lego figure by rich mccor 08shopping by rich mccor 02

Going shopping anyone?

cat sea by rich mccor 13umbrella couple fountain. Paper by Rick McCorkarate kick building by rich mccor 11octopus Colosseum by rich mccor 12
Have you ever heard of the word naumachia? Until I got to Rome I hadn’t either, but it’s a word the Romans used to describe simulated naval fights…

The Roman historian Cassius Dio stated that in 86 AD inside the amphitheater a sea fight took place. Ships, weapons and thousands of men were brought in and engage in battles, to make a naumachia a colossal event, even sea creatures were shipped in from around the globe. This explains why hence why McCor put an octopus inside the Colosseum.

bicycle. Paper by Rick McCorship in a bottle by rich mccor 09

Ship in a bottle.

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