Have you ever imagined that old Computer Component Bugs could become a piece of art? Thanks to the ingenuitiy of Julie Alice Chappell it turns into reality

She has managed to turn circuit boards of now obsolete devices into spectacular colorful bugs of this digital age.

Made from old circuit boards winged insect sculptures

By observing and comparing the vivid colors, the metallic hues and the large array of patterns of insects, Julie manipulates the thin silicon wafers and copper wires into butterflies, cicadas and other critters of pure imagination.

The artist in this case takes advantage of the multitude of discarded electronics that nowadays are becoming more and more common, planned obsolescence.

When you replace your old video game console for the newest model you are really playing the game of the big industries, making you believe you NEED the latest hardware to run your favorite game, in doing so you trash a perfectly working piece of electronic.

This is not limited just to video game consoles but pretty much to everything we use in our consumeristic society, from light bulbs, to pens, to smartphones and tablets all the way down to toilet paper… well you get the idea.

Computer Component Bugs old electronics sculptures butterfly

The artist takes the old saying A Man’s trash is another Man’s treasure to the literal term, a trashed keypad in her hands can become a shiny ladybug, or a butterfly or other Computer Component Bugs that you can find in her Etsy Shop.

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