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16 Famous Directors Combined With Their Most Iconic Characters By Mike Leavitt

Mike Leavitt, also known as ‘ReMike’, is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. Making and re-making objects is part of his working process that includes painting, sculpture and product design. Leavitt is well-known for his Art Army project, an ongoing series of figuratively representational sculptures that reference the likenesses of various icons including artists, politicians and other culturally significant figures.

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Untwisted Ropes Branching Out Like Trees

Ciclotramas,  it’s the title given to these spectacular tree-like art installations created by the artist duo Janaina Mello and Daniel Landini. The two Brazilian artists meticulously untwist the ropes, fasten the ends to the surround walls giving the illusion or tree branches filling the volume and often resembling neural network pathways, or some sort of fractal patterns. The intention of the artists is to create, with the“choreography of intertwining lines”,  metaphors around organic structures of interrelated and independent parts, encompassing the passage of time. Since 2010 the artworks have gone through 17 different iterations, more can be seen at their website, Mello + Landini.

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